About Kéroul

Key consultant of Tourisme Québec

Key consultant for Tourisme Québec regarding accessibility, Kéroul is a non-profit organization which, through information and lobbying, promotes and develops accessible tourism and culture. 

Practical tools

Kéroul offers travelers a variety of practical tools.

  • Quebec for all website
  • The magazine Le Baladeur
  • A data base of accessible facilities for disabled travelers

Services for travelers and businesses

Our organization also works with governments and private businesses to increase accessibility and offers a range of services such as:

  •    Evaluation and certification
  •    Consultation
  •    Training in hospitality
  •    Publications

What do we mean by persons with limited physical ability?

Persons with limited physical ability are those...

  • who, either temporarily or permanently, have trouble with mobility because of their size or physical condition or because of a deficiency resulting from illness or accident and who consequently get around with the help of a wheelchair, crutches or a cane.

  • who live with a visual or auditory impairment.

  • who tire easily: the overweight, pregnant women, some elderly people and those living with arthritis or heart problems.

 Kéroul's main fields of action

  • Lobbying private and public administrations

  • Dialoguing with the community of disabled persons and with the worlds of tourism and culture

  • Engaging in research and development and providing expertise in accessibility

  • Training in the hospitality and services offered to disabled persons and the elderly

  • Offering informatin on travel

  • Promoting the services and actions of the organization

 Kéroul is a member of several organizations

Kéroul sits on various committees

  • Comité AQRIPH / COPHAN – accessibilité et habitation
  • Comité consultatif communautaire d'Aéroports de Montréal
  • Comité sur la carte à l'accompagnement
  • Comité sur l'accessibilité du métro de Montréal
  • Comité sur le transport par taxi de personnes handicapées
  • Table de concertation sur le taxi accessible