Advisory Service

Want to find out about the standards and criteria applying to your facilities? Want to solve some accessibility problems, but don’t know how to go about it?

Call on our accessibility experts for assistance. They will help determine your needs and, if applicable, visit your establishment to identify potential barriers and give you a report including recommendations.

Evaluation and certification

The evaluation report contains the following:

  • The establishment’s accessibility rating for persons with a motor disability or sensory impairment
  • A description of the barriers and areas of non-compliance identified during the evaluation
  • A brief list of recommendations and solutions aimed at eliminating or minimizing barriers to accessibility



Evaluations conducted by Kéroul and its representatives are primarily intended to inform visitors with disabilities of the level of accessibility of tourism establishments’ hospitality services and infrastructure. The evaluation report does not cover the compliance of infrastructures and equipment with all regulations and codes in force. As set out in the Building Act, designers and contractors answer to the Régie du bâtiment when it comes to the compliance of their plans and construction work.

To learn more about this service and about accessibility criterias, please contact Camille Leclerc at