Complaints Service

Kéroul wishes to be kept informed of accessibility-related complaints about transportation, accommodation and tourist and cultural attractions. This information allows us to monitor changes in the quality of services before, during and after implementation, and to take appropriate action, as required, on a specific or more comprehensive basis.


For a complaint regarding federal transportation, the Canadian Transportation Agency provides assistance in case of complaints related to unresolved transportation problems on air, rail, sea and interprovincial bus. On its website, the Agency provides instructions and answers the main questions under the following headings:

  • Try to resolve your complaint with the service provider first
  • Unresolved complaints
  • What if I don't have all the information?
  • Is there a time limit to file a complaint?
  • Do I need a lawyer?
  • Are there any fees/costs to process my complaint?
  • The investigation process
  • Case status
  • What if you are still not satisfied?

Accommodation establishments and tourist attractions

For a complaint regarding the accessibility of accommodation, tourist attractions and cultural institutions, please contact us.