Le Refuge Pageau


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Accessibility features for people with physical disabilities

Establishment category:

Zoological Garden

Partial access
Visual impairments


Evaluation year: 2015

Le Refuge Pageau
4241, ch. Croteau
Amos, (Québec)
J9T 3A1

Phone 1: 819 732 8999
Website: www.refugepageau.ca/
Email: refuge@refugepageau.ca

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Accessible parking : 1


    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Exterior parking lot
  • Compacted stone ground
  • One or more reserved parking spaces : 1
  • Good parking space identification (P150-5)


    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Main entrance
  • Landing sill too high  : 2cm

Washrooms with multiple stalls

    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Accessible toilet room
  • Accessible toilet room: signage
  • Accessible toilet stall: between 28.5 cm and 30.5 cm from the bowl to the nearest wall
  • Accessible toilet stall: more than 87.5 cm of clear space area on the side
  • Accessible toilet stall: stitled seat : 49cm
  • Accessible toilet stall: horizontal grab bar at the left


    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Terrace designed for handicapped persons
  • Accessible entrance by the building
  • Outside entrance: fixed ramp
  • Outside entrance: access ramp: steep slope  : 9%
  • Access by the building: outside door sill too high : 3cm
  • All sections are accessible.


    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Shop adapted for disabled persons
  • All sections are accessible.
  • ATM accessible

Showroom (L'histoire d'une passion)

    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Exhibit space adapted for disabled persons
  • All sections are accessible.
  • Guided tours available on request
  • Caractéristiques visuelle
  • Direct lighting on all displayed objects

Exhibit area (Salle Louise pageau)

    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Exhibit area adapted for disabled persons
  • Main entrance inside the building
  • All seating accessible to disabled persons

Outdoor activity (Le sentier)

    Caractéristiques motrices
  • Walking trail on compacted stone dust
  • Walking trail on wood
  • Walking trail: rest area at every 500 m