Centre Infotouriste de Québec

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Accessibility features for people with physical disabilities

Establishment category:

Infotouriste centre

Partial access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2006

Centre Infotouriste de Québec
12, rue Ste-Anne
Québec, (Québec)
G1R 3X2

Phone 1: 877 266 5687
Website: www.bonjourquebec.com
Email: info@quebecoriginal.com

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  • Other features

    Caractéristiques motrices

    • Some manoeuvring on steep slope
    • Raised toilet
    • Grab bar is too far
    • Grab bar behind : verticale
    • Grab bar: left side : horizontale

    Caractéristiques visuelle

    • Elevator buttons in braille
    • Elevator buttons in raised print

    Caractéristiques auditives

    • Telephone - volume control
  • Entrance

    Caractéristiques motrices

    • Accessible secondary entrance
  • Inside of the establishment

    Caractéristiques motrices

    • Elevator: button panel too high : 1270 mm
    • Reception counter too high
  • Public washroom

    Caractéristiques motrices

    • Washrooms: insufficient transfer area : 825 mm