2014 World Summit

For the past four years, Kéroul worked hard to organize the Destinations for All World Summit , which took place this year, October 19 through 22. This event brought together more than 300 participants and 30 countries, and featured 140 talks covering all aspects of accessible transportation, culture and tourism. The resulting discussions and conversations ended with the signing of the A World for Everyone Declaration, a document that will be crucial in determining what happens next, listing 40 specific measures for implementing—globally and in their respective countries—the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Recommendations on Accessible Tourism.

The Declaration was signed by representatives from ENAT (the European Network for Accessible Tourism), CED (the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations) and the UNWTO (the World Tourism Organization) on behalf of Summit participants.

Now, we need your help getting even more signatures to ensure the Declaration will have the greatest possible number of supporters, and to emphasize the importance of the cause to those making the decisions in the areas concerned.