Québec for all: Accessible activities and unforgettable experiences

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In 20 pages complete with photos, discover must-see attractions in Montreal, Québec and other regions in this 2nd edition of the magazine.

Québec for allis a magazine and an interactive online platform featuring more than 1,700 tourist establishments that are partially or completely accessible for people with disabilities. The magazine includes plenty of tips and tricks to help your visit to Quebec go off without a hitch. As for accommodations, we focus on establishments that offer curbless showers, space under beds or unique experiences. Finally, learn why Victoriaville was honoured as the first-ever recipient of the Destination for All certification!

Download the PDF version of the magazine.

You can also order a print version by contacting us at the following email address: infos@keroul.qc.ca

Enjoy your reading and your vacation!