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 Publication of the 5th edition of the “Québec for All” brochure 

Québec for all - Brochure 2022

Montréal, April 13th, 2022 – The new “Québec for All” brochure is finally available! For its 5thedition, the brochure has been revamped and features more content to allow people with disabilities who would like to visit Québec to better plan their stay.

 Produced with financial support from the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, the Canada Economic Development Agency for Quebec Regions and the Government of Québec, the new “Québec for All” brochure lists accessible or partially accessible establishments by region according to the following categories: parks and outdoors, culture and heritage, flavours and traditions, sports and leisure, and accommodations.

The brochure is available in hard copy, in French or English. It is also available online in an interactive format where you can click on each establishment to view the Kéroul sheet and obtain more details on the site’s accessibility.

“We hope that this new brochure will make it easier for foreign travellers to visit us, and that it will make Quebecers want to continue their adventures in la belle province and explore the establishments that we have evaluated and listed,” says Isabelle Ducharme, Chairwoman of Kéroul.

Click here to view the brochure online. 

About Québec for All

Québec for All is a brand of Kéroul. It has an online platform and a brochure promoting Québec’s accessibility to French- and English-speaking travellers. These two resources provide practical information on the accessibility of sites in Québec thanks to the Kéroul database. They also provide information on paratransit and personal assistance. Lastly, a blog regularly features videos and ideas for accessible and adapted outings to discover Québec.

About Kéroul

Key consultant for Tourisme Québec regarding accessibility, Kéroul has been working to make tourism and culture accessible to people with limited physical ability for over 40 years. Kéroul has a database of more than 4,000 establishments certified according to their level of accessibility, assists organizations in improving their infrastructure and services, trains front-line staff, and manages the Programme d’accessibilité des établissements touristiques (PAET) entrusted by the Ministère du Tourisme. 

Faustine Maréchalle
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

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