Le Refuge Pageau

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:

Zoological Garden

Full access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2023

Le Refuge Pageau
4241, ch. Croteau
Amos, (Québec)
J9T 3A1

Phone 1: 819 732 8999
Website: www.refugepageau.ca/
Email: refuge@refugepageau.ca

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Self-guided or guided tours by reservation ($). Observation tower not accessible (steps).

In winter, reduced accessibility (threshold); please specify your needs when booking. Companion animals not permitted on site.



Type of parking

 Compacted stone ground

Exterior Entrance* | (Main entrance)

Front door
 Door equipped with an electric opening mechanism

Interior of the building : Pavillon d'accueil

 Accessible counter

Course without obstacles
 No obstruction

Additional information

Manual wheelchairs available on loan.

Washrooms with multiple stalls* | (Located : Pavillon d'accueil)

 Accessible toilet room

 Accessible toilet stall: manoeuvring space larger tham 1.2 mx 1.2 m

 Accessible toilet stall: more than 87.5 cm of clear space area on the side

 Accessible toilet stall: horizontal grab bar at the left

Universal washroom | (located : Pavillon d'expérience immersive)

 Door equipped with an electric opening mechanism

Interior maneuvering space
 Maneuvering space at least 1.5 m wide x 1.5 m deep

Toilet bowl
 Transfer zone on the side of the bowl of at least 90 cm

 Accessible sink

Additional information

Washroom - Immersive experience pavilion (Anisipi)

Universal washroom | (located : Pavillon de réhabilitation)

 Free width of at least 80 cm

Interior maneuvering space
 Maneuvering space at least 1.5 m wide x 1.5 m deep

Toilet bowl
 Transfer zone on the side of the bowl of at least 90 cm

Grab bar(s)
 Horizontal to the right of the bowl
 Horizontal behind the bowl

 Accessible sink

Changing table
 Accessible baby changing table


Cash counter
 Accessible cash counter

Indoor circulation
 No obstruction

Exhibit area* : Salle Louise Pageau

 Exhibit area adapted for disabled persons

 Entrance: automatic door

 Entrance: door clear width larger than 80 cm

 All sections are accessible.

 Capacity : 40 persons

 Removable seating : 40

Additional information

Louise Pageau multi-purpose hall available for rental ($). Main access through reception and 2nd door (automatic) to courtyard and course.


 Accessible Trail
 Coating in compacted rock dust
 Wood cladding
 elevated path

Rest area
 Presence of rest areas

Outdoor furniture
 Accessible table
 Accessible bench

Additional information

A 1.5-km trail criss-crossing the outdoor and indoor site: traditional trail, Michel Pageau's Camp, Immersive Experience Pavilion (virtual pool - visual effects zone with lots of reflections and few visual cues), Wooden Cabin, view of the boarding animals' living quarters, outdoor and indoor rest areas. Alternative segments (short or long). All accessible to wheelchairs, strollers or even sledges in winter (equipment available free of charge on request).