Motel Bienvenue

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Accessibility features

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Full access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2020

Motel Bienvenue
1057, rue du Phare
Rimouski, (Québec)
G5M 1L9

Phone 1: 418 724 4338

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Parking* | (À l'avant de la chambre accessible)

 Reserved parking spaces near the entrance

 No obstacle between parking lot and entrance

Building* Accueil - Réception Motel

 Clear width of door exceeds 80 cm

Accommodation Unit*

 Bedroom adapted for disabled persons

 Access: exterior entrance directly to bedroom

 Lock: conventional key

 Transfer zone on side of bed exceeds 92 cm

 Double bed

 Television with subtitles

 Kitchen adapted for disabled persons

 100% of kitchen accessible
 Path of travel around table exceeds 92 cm

 Kitchen: manoeuvring space with diameter of at least 1.5 m available

 Kitchen counter: height between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm

 Bathroom adapted for disabled persons

 Manoeuvring space in bathroom exceeds 1.5 m x 1.5 m

 Larger than 87.5 cm clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl

 Toilet seat height: between 40 cm and 46 cm

 Horizontal grab bar at right of the toilet height: between 84 cm and 92 cm from the ground

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm

 Roll-in shower (shower without sill)
 Unobstructed area in front of shower exceeds 90 cm x 1.5 m

 Shower: curtain

 Shower: hand-held shower head lower than 1.2 m

 Shower: grab bar on back wall: horizontal