Les fromagiers de la Table Ronde

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Accessibility features

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Partial access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2019

Les fromagiers de la Table Ronde
317, boulevard Sainte-Sophie
Sainte-Sophie, (Québec)
J5J 2V1

Phone 1: 450 530 2436
Website: http://www.fromagiersdelatableronde.com/
Email: fromagerie@fromagiersdelatableronde.com

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 Exterior parking lot

 Less than 25 available parking spaces

 Compacted stone ground

 Flat ground

 No parking space for handicapped persons

 No obstacle between parking lot and entrance


 Access to entrance: gentle sloop

 Paved walkway to the entrance
 Turf walkway to the entrance

 Walkway to the entrance width: more than 1.1 m

 No-step entrance

 Clear width of door restricted (between 76 and 79 cm)

 Hard to open door

 Outside door pull handle (D type)

 Inside door pull handle (D type)

Washroom with one stall* | (Located : dans la boutique)

 Narrow manoeuvring clearance in front of door  : 1,5 m x 1,25 m

 Inadequate clear width door : 73 cm

 Toilet room: door opening to outside
 The door opens in front of the wash basin

 Outside door pull handle (D type)

 Inside door handle with kick plate

 Inadequate manoeuvring clearance : 1,35 m x 1,10 m

 No clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl

 No grab bar near the toilet

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm
 Clearance width under the sink larger than 76 cm
 Clearance depth under the sink more than 28 cm


 Path of travel between display shelves exceeds 92 cm

 Manoeuvring space diameter larger than 1.5 m available

 Displays height: less than 1.2 m

 Cash stand is too high : 93 cm
 Cash counter: no clearance
 Checkout counter: removable card payment machine


 Non accessible entrance by the building
 Access by the outside with obstructions

 Outside passageway to the terrace: no slope

 Paved outside passageway to the terrace

 Outside passageway to the terrace wider than 1.1 m

 Outside entrance: no step

 Some sections are non accessible

 50% of the tables are accessible.

 Path of travel between tables restricted : 55 cm

 Manoeuvring space restricted  : 0,55 m x 1,5 m

 Table too low  : 67 cm