Ferme Marineau

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:

Agritourism, Garden

Partial access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2024

Ferme Marineau
4356, boulevard Dagenais Ouest
Laval, (Québec)
H7R 1L5

Phone 1: 450 689 9792
Website: www.fermemarineau.com
Email: info@fermemarineau.com

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Ferme Marineau offers an inviting farm stand in summer. There's also an ice cream counter. Pick-your-own is difficult to access, as you have to hike up for several minutes on a rough trail to get there. Blueberry picking is close by and doesn't require long-distance travel. No accessible picnic tables are available. Getting around the site, however, is fairly easy.


Exterior Entrance | (Main entrance)

Pathway leading to the entrance
 Circulation corridor at least 1.1 m wide


Number of reserved places
 Reserved seat(s) for people with disabilities: : 1

Interior of the building : Ferme Marineau

Course without obstacles
 Clear width of the circulation corridor of more than 92 cm

Universal washroom

 Maneuvering space of at least 1.5 m wide x 1.5 m deep on each side of the door
 Free width of at least 80 cm

Toilet bowl
 Transfer zone on the side of the bowl of at least 90 cm

Grab bar(s)
 Horizontal to the right of the bowl
 Too small : 49 cm in length

Restoration : Comptoir de crème glacée

 picnic table

 Counter surface : 98 cm above floor

Outdoor activity* : Autocueillette

 Path on the site on coarse gravel