Musée de l'Holocauste Montréal

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:

Museum / Historic Site

Full access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2022

Musée de l'Holocauste Montréal
Édifice Cummings, 5151, chemin Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, (Québec)
H3W 1M6

Phone 1: 514 345 2605

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This Museum explores the history of Jewish communities before, during and after the Holocaust. Through the life stories of Montréal's survivors, visitors are invited to reflect on the destruction caused by prejudice, racism, and antisemitism. Download the guided tour app (iPad or Android) for free. (Source : BonjourQué


Inside of the establishment*

 Ticket office desk height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 No clearance under the ticket office desk

  2 accessible floor(s) / 2 floor(s)

 Elevator larger than 80 cm x 1.5 m
 Elevator: door width larger than 80 cm

 Platform lift larger than 80 cm x 1.5 m
 Platform lift: outside control panel lower than 1.2 m from the ground

Additional information

Elevator available to access the exhibition

Lift to access the accessible washroom


 Fixed ramp

 Access ramp: clear width between 87 cm and 92 cm

 Access ramp: gentle slope

 Clear width of door exceeds 80 cm

 Automatic Doors

Washrooms with multiple stalls*

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm

 Sink: faucets with sensor

 Accessible toilet stall: door clear width larger than 80 cm

 Accessible toilet stall: more than 87.5 cm of clear space area on the side

 Accessible toilet stall: horizontal grab bar at the left


 All sections are accessible.

 100% of exhibit space accessible

 Manoeuvring space diameter larger than 1.5 m available

 Objects displayed at a height of less than 1.2 m

 Descriptive labels located below 1.2 m

 Guided tours available with reservation

 Direct lighting on all displayed objects