Musée de l'Auberge Symmes

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:

Museum / Historic Site

Partial access
Visual impairments

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2020

Musée de l'Auberge Symmes
1, rue Front
Gatineau, (Québec)
J9H 4W8

Phone 1: 819 682 0291

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Museum housed in the beautiful Symmes Inn, a classified building and national heritage site. It is located on the shores of the Ottawa River. Our permanent exhibition "The Symmes Inn: Windows onto the Ottawa River" tells the story of the use that was made of this important site over centuries.



 One or more reserved parking spaces : 1

 Reserved parking spaces near the entrance

 Parking space identification on a blue and white information panel

Inside of the establishment*

 Reception counter too high : 95 cm
 Reception desk: no clearance under the desk

  1 accessible floor(s) / 3 floor(s)

 No machinery to go up


 No information panel about another accessible entrance

  2  2 

 Fixed ramp

 Access ramp: steep slope  : 9 %


 Main entrance

 No information panel about a possible accessible entrance

  2  2 

 Fixed ramp

 Access ramp: steep slope  : 10 %

 Sub-standard 2nd door width : 70 cm

Washrooms with multiple stalls*

 Accessible toilet room: signage

 Entrance: narrow toilet room door width (between 76 and 79 cm)

 Entrance: toilet room door opening towards inside

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 Clearance under the sink: larger than 68.5 cm

  1  2 

 Narrow manoeuvring clearance in front of door 

 Accessible toilet stall: narrow door clear width

 Accessible toilet stall: door opening inside the stall

 Narrow accessible toilet stall : 1.44 m x 1.50 m

 Accessible toilet stall: narrow manoeuvring space

 Accessible toilet stall: more than 87.5 cm of clear space area on the side

 Accessible toilet stall:diagonal grab bar at the left


 Ground floor

 Some sections are non accessible

 100% of exhibit space accessible

 Manoeuvring space diameter larger than 1.5 m available

 Objects displayed at a height of less than 1.2 m

 Guided tours available with reservation

 Direct lighting on all displayed objects