Club de golf Le Montmorency

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:


Partial access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2018

Club de golf Le Montmorency
2700, Avenue du Sault
Québec, (Québec)
G1C 2L2

Phone 1: 418 661 8713
Email: ;

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Parking* | (situé : A droite près accès)

 Steep slope

 One or more reserved parking spaces : 3

 Reserved parking spaces far from the entrance (more than 50 m)

Washroom with one stall* | (Located : 2 ème étage)

 Inacessible toilet room


 No machinery to go up

 Access to entrance steeply sloped : 11 %

 Exterior door sill too high  : 9 cm
 Exterior door sill not bevelled

 Clear width of door restricted (between 76 and 79 cm)

 Washroom : accessible with help

 Entrance: sub-standard toilet room door width : 74 cm

 Manoeuvring space larger than 1.5 m x 1.5 m in front of the toilet room

 Accessible toilet stall: no clear space area on the side

 Accessible toilet stall: no grab bar near the toilet

 Non accessible food service