Evaluation and certification

Diplôme avec liste de critèresYou want to know the degree of accessibility of your establishment? You want to make your establishment accessible? You want to include this competitive advantage in your advertising material and attract new customers?

Get certified by Kéroul! It is the only certification recognized by Tourisme Québec.

The advantages of evaluation and certification

The evaluation of your establishment by Kéroul lets you know its level of accessibility. The certification enables you to:

  • Display your rating on Tourisme Québec website and in regional tourist guides
  • Be in the web database of Kéroul and on Québec For All
  • Display of a clear and precise information whichs complements your own communication tools
  • Welcome new customers representing a segment market estimated to 15% of the Quebec population
  • Use this information in your publications and advertising material
  • Appear in Kéroul's magazine: Le Baladeur

Get in touch with Nathalie Roy to get evaluated by Keroul!

Evaluations conducted by Kéroul and its representatives are primarily intended to inform visitors with disabilities of the level of accessibility of hospitality services and infrastructure.

The evaluation report does not cover the compliance of infrastructures and equipment with all regulations and codes in force. As set out in the Building Act, designers and contractors answer to the Régie du bâtiment when it comes to the compliance of their plans and construction work.