Microbrasserie l'Hermite

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Accessibility features

Establishment category:

Bar, Restaurant

Partial access

Evaluation year by Kéroul: 2016

Microbrasserie l'Hermite
187, rue Notre-Dame Est
Victoriaville, (Québec)
G6P 3Z8

Phone 1: 819 604 3875
Website: http://microhermite.com/
Email: info@microhermite.com

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 Asphalted ground

 Walkway in the street


 Bevelled exterior door sill with built-in ramp
 Bevelled exterior door sill: ramp steeply sloped  : 10 %

Washroom with one stall*

 Toilet room: no directional signage
 Toilet room: directional signage for women only

 Outside door knob handle

 Manoeuvring clearance larger than 1.5 m x 1.5 m

 Larger than 87.5 cm clear floor space on the side of the toilet bowl

 Raised toilet seat : 48 cm

 Diagonal grab bar at left of the toilet: too low : 68 cm

 Sink height: between 68.5 cm and 86.5 cm
 Inadequate clearance under the sink : 62 cm

Food service*

 50% of the tables are accessible.

 Narrow passageway between tables : 53 cm

 Table service available