In progress : a major update of the contents of the Kéroul database

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To maximize the accuracy the information regarding accessible tourism in our database, Kéroul has just undertaken a major update process. All records will be revised to match our new standards and incorporate photos.


Since it was unrealistic for Kéroul evaluators to visit all 4,000 institutions in our database, self-assessment forms were created. This allows business owners to update their establishments as long as they provide quality photos. They will be able to maintain their accessibility rating, but will not be able to upgrade to the accessible rating without an on site visit.


As always, the ratings will be posted on our platforms, on the official Quebec government tourist site (, as well as on the websites of regional tourism associations and certain sector associations.


Make your update!


All establishments or organizations wishing to update are asked to contact Cédric Larouche, the accessibility advisor in charge. He can be contacted by email or by phone (514 252-3104).